Friday, October 12, 2012


SEPHORA..SEPHORA..SEPHORA.. what a lovely SEPHORA.. from head to toe.. care..manicure..pedicure..fragrances...make-ups.. name it ladies..!! mmg terbaik SEPHORA ni.. pls scroll over to watch a huge, massive and tempting products in SEPHORA..

SEPHORA body care line.. body wash, shampoo bla bla bla.

WHAT'S HOT shelves..latest  and most popular products!

Trust me..I've tried the whole range at SEPHORA..hahaha!

MEN'S CARE line...huhuhu

Pakar-pakar kulit with their own products..pun ada.. =)


STILA and GIVENCHY..! Never tried them before..but I love their mascara and eyeliner..

Name it! Semua ada..hehehe

Blusher from Smashbox  is under my radar right now..

Urban Decay always in my favourite list for eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer..


Mcm stationary store..hahaha all the eyeliner, eyebrow..lip liner..bla bla bla..

This is what I wish for.. MAKE UP FOR EVER!

Not fan of the smell..but I do like the design of the bottle.. very cute!

Massive make-up products from SEPHORA!!

Just look at those colours... hum hum hum...

Next weekend.. mmg kena pergi jugak ni.. But I plan to go to SEPHORA kat Pavillion KL..bigger than this one (at KLCC besides Guardian).. Tak tahu nak beli ape lagi.. Maybe nk try SEPHORA make-up line.. not bad at all.. I am impress but I don't know yet the quality of the texture and how it blends on my face.. and also plan to purchase...MAKE-UP FOREVER HD line.. this is a superb products from MAKE UP FOREVER..

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