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Top Secret Recipe of Tabita Skincare..

Assalamualaikum..Hallo..Good Day..Guten Tag.. hahaha.. 3 bahasa di situ.. pagi-pagi dah merapu. Tgk entry..tgk tajuk entry.. Ok..Tabita lagi..perempuan ni (akula tu) kenapa obses dgn Tabita ni.. bagus sgt ke Tabita ni.. cun sgt ke kulit pakai Tabita.. hebat sgt ke hasil Tabita..hohoho.. well.. bukan saya obses.. this is the thing yang ade dlm kepala otak saya untuk ditulis..hahaha saya taipla ikut sesuko hati saya..hehehe

Ok..Ini Tabita saya.. Saje je nak tunjuk.. saya review barang yang saya pakai / guna aje.. melainkan saya mention name org lain sbagai pengguna.. =)

..anyway.. today another entry about Tabita Skincare .. it is not about fake vs original..or another testimonial.. but it is about my research on the secret recipe inside a jar of Tabita Skincare.. well.. as we know Tabita originated from Indonesia.. if you buy a set of Tabita,.. you mesti akan dapat brochures/ pamphlet yg begini..

Yaaaa.. tu dia.. Embossment huruf "Tabita" pada pamphlet juga adalah salah satu originality product ni ..ok enuff said pasal fake fake ni..hahaha

Ok now let us see .. the secret recipe inside this Tabita Skincare... =) Kalau dalam pamphlet tu the mentioned about Collagen, Pearl Powder, Japanese Tea, Japanese Papaya, Vitamin A,C & E serta benzoyl peroxide.. kan kan kan kan..hehehe.. Ok..these are the ingredients that I've read the beneficial to our skin.. apa fungsinye..dah kenapa letak teh dengan betik dalam Tabita ni.. bukankah ia untuk diminum dan dimakan ..hebat sgt ke pearl powder ni.. cun sgt ke kulit bile pakai krim ade collagen.. well.. I have mention before in previous post.. you are what you are.. the uniqueness of a person is his/her looks..tak payah ubah2..cuma kalau kita nak jaga & maintain.. then skincare is one of the effort.. apa2 pun bersederhana.. jgn cucuk tang sana..cucuk tang sini..bedah sane sini..huiii..sakit oi..hehehe..


Ok..ini marine collagen.. Tabita use the plant instead of the fish one..well.. it is better to use this type of collagen .. lebih hygiene..or maybe kalau guna base ikan / hidupan laut yang lain (ok ini sgt skema ayatnye)..prosesnya lebih sukar..agaknyalah.. ini adalah ayat agak..hahaha

What does this benefits to our skin.. well base on my reading..ade yang kata it is a waste letak collagen inside a cream sbb molecule2 protein ini sgt besar untuk diserap ke dalam kulit..well it is true.. but we have to remember bukan this (in the pic) yang Tabita producer letak bulat2 dalam no no.. the must be a process to synthesize this collagen protein to get the amino acids.. amino acids adalah bila ikatan protein adalah amino acids.. errr got it? break down this in to amino acids and then tadaaaa.. jadila collagen powder... 

 So this collagen powder will be mixed with the solution to produce creams..Why Collagen? what so good and what with the hype? Well.. collagen gives a lot of benefits especially on aging skin.. young people.. prevention is better than cure.. but I am not saying budak sekolah kene pakai.. I mean bila you dah 20++.. it is better to prevent than cure.. cure lg byk makan kos..

§ Well..Collagen creams have been available for skin care...The active collagen .. I repeat ACTIVE collagen...contained in skin care formulations helps to moisturize skin and may prevent loss of moisture. Banyak research on collagen indicates the ability for this active anti-aging ingredient, in specific formulations, to increase skin hydration in addition to firming and plumping properties. Plumping tu like toink toink.. hehehe .. well collagen inside a cream not a solution to build up back the collagen fibres inside the skin.. tapi lebih kepada hint to increase the natural process of generation of the collagen by the skin itsefl.. Loss of firming properties is one of the sign your skin is aging.. 

    Pearl Powder 

Pearl powder made from.... cube teka? hahaha..vongoks.. apalah saya ini..bergurau senda pula (maaf saya berlatih ayat buku) .. Pearl powder ini terkenal sejak zaman Dinasti Ching di China di mana Empress Dowager Cixi yang terkenal dengan keremejaan kulitnya memakai serbuk mutiara setiap hari..wahh..saya berjaya meneulis ayat buku..hehehe..Pearl powder is exclusively worn bu Chinese Royal Families.. name pun keturunan raja-raja la yang memakainye.. It i s also widely used by Egyptians (Cleopatra),  Mayans, Indians and Island Peoples for thousands of years.. Established as a powerful anti-oxidant and weapon against wrinkles & signs of aging plus a natural skin whitener.. 

Well pearl powder ade grades..satu untuk cosmetic grade and satu medical grade that intended to be ingested & cleanse toxins from our body.. Mutiara untuk buat cosmetic mcm yang ade dlm Tabita adalah daripada quality freswater pearls yang mereka milled into a very fine powder..(just like in the above picture) it is can be easily absorbed into skin..beforehand.. pearls ini akan disinfected dahulu.. =)

Pearls mengandung.. 60% Calcium, 30% Proteins( 10 essential amino acids yg badan kita tidak boleh bina) and 10 % of mix polysaccharides, vitamins B and traces of materials (sgt banyak untuk ditaip..hihihi).. 

Benefits pearl powder ni mostly daripada calcium..Calcium ni ade properties untuk whitening.. ok.. jangan plak lepas ni pegi ambil ubat gigi sapu ke muka ya.. no no no..hahaha..dan juga amino acids yang  rebuild skin cells..recontruct balik kulit  to make it smooth and more supple.. huaaaaa..bestnyeeeee.. yang tambah best it promotes cellular regeneration..ok..jgn pelik testimonial Tabita byk yang bagus2.. tapi Tabiti yang Original ajela dpat..yang palsu tak dpt la yg smooth & supple.. Ok.. I can conslude that, pearl powder benefits are :-

  • Whitens, nourish the skin safely
  • Radiant, youthful complexion
  • Cooling and balancing properties for the skin
  • Reduce pigmentation, freckles & pimples
  • Natural sunscreen
  • Lighten & smooth the skin
  • Lighten uneven skintone
  • Promote healthy and clearer skin
  • Flawless complexion 
  • Reduce wrinkles, aging, redness, acne & sunspots
  • Stimulate new skin growth & collagen regeneration
  • Neutralizes skin-damaged by environmental radicals
  • Improves skin renewal circulation
  • Reduces discoloration & smooths skin texture
  • Calms & detoxifies skin..
Waaahhhh this good? hohoho.. berbaloi-baloi.. =)

Japanese Tea

This is Japanese tea farm..err plantation... samela tu kan..hahaha..well.. after harvesting the tea leaves.. it becomes like this..

  Taaadaaa.. ok.. ini dlm bekas cantik.. hehehe.. Japanese tea benefits to people in many ways..either you drink it (apply it into dishes) err not eating the leaves like kambing..hahaha or apply it on your skin.. It appears to exert sun damage protection by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays. Therefore, it enhance sun protection when used in addition to a sunscreen

Japanese tea as a high concentration of naturally occurring compounds called polyphenols and cathechins which are very potent antioxidant agents. Ia melindungi kulit dari free radicals and helps restore the skin to a fresh and youthful appearance.Mengelakkan penuaan pra-matang(ayat buku lagi) and researcher noted that Japanese tea seemed to lighten skin color and overall appearance of their complexion. Selain sedap diminum ia juga bagus utk kulit .. perrghhh.. besh besh besh..

Japanese Papaya 

Ok.. ini aneh.. Japanese papaya? Betik Jepun.. hehehe.. camane rupenye.. humm..actually I pn tak pernah tengok..I terfikir whether it bulat? bujur?  bentuk hati..? adakah ia seperti bola rugby..pingpong..? hahaha.. tetapi apabila di Google.. (thanks to Mr. GOOGLE) ini hasilya..

This is unripe Japanese papaya.. betik kelihatan putih.. Japanese use this  as one of their ingredients for salad dish.. of course tak masak pny type..hehehe salad ok..mmg tak masakla kan..gaul2.. terus makan..hehehe English..I type..hahaha

Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that is known as a digestive enzyme that can also help repair wrinkles. The skin is made of tissues that stretch with age. Elastin and collagen are two fibers in the skin that contribute to skin firmness and help to restore skin elasticity. Papayas help rebuild the elastin thereby rebuilding healthy skin and preventing wrinkles.. 

In addition, papain also helps in exfoliating dead skin cells, thereby hastening the cell turnover of the skin. As dead skin cells are exfoliated faster, newer cells are produced. The result is a lighter complexion. That is, the skin tone that you are born with.

Papayas also contain vitamin C, which is known to help restore skin elasticity. Vitamin C helps the manufacture of collagen, which then firms the skin.

..Ok..habis sudah Oh My English for Japanese Papaya..hahaha

Benzoyl Peroxide

This the look of benzoyl peroxide cream.. mostly used to treat acne..pimples ..whiteheads and blackheads.. Originally, benzoyl peroxide is in powder this..

B.P (Benzoyl Peroxide) adalah satu bahan yg effective in acne treatments. It exfoliates skin and buang sel kulit mati on the surface of our skin.. Dirt & sebum (oil) ni yang akan clog pores dan mnyebabkan bumps..Bumps? ala pimples la.. hehehe kan naik mcm B.P bukan sahaja membersihkan kotoran dan minyak, it also has the ability to reach the bacteria that cause acne .. called Propionibacterium  Acnes and kill it ..okey..sounds medical to me..It also can dry up existing blemishes & zits.. so benzoyl peroxide ni consist in night cream.. 
Well.. ini chemical.. so ramai akan macam.. hoi ape ni chemical letak kt muka ni..bahaya la.. danjeressss!!! ok ok ok.. relax and calm down.. mcm kite mkn garam.. byk2 boleh buat high blood pressure ..cube letak sikit aje.. xla darah tinggi.. garam juga chemical properties ye.. NaCl.. natrium chloride.. so..jgnle panic.. kite makan kot chemical hari2..hahaha..
Benzoyl Peroxide can be used in products in amounts up to 10%. However, scientific studies have shown that 2.5% concentrations are not only just as effective, but also less irritating.
These are the information by FDA regarding the use of B.P in skincare .. Click la kat SINIUntuk lebih banyak athu tentang safety of cosmetics ingredients you can click to this Cosmetic Info
So FDA and CIR pn meluluskna bahawa Benzoyl Peroxide selamat digunakan utk acne treatment.. Tapi?? Saya takde acne.. faham.. kite mesti ade whiteheads & blackheads..some blemishes kan.. so B.P blh membantu masalah ni..

Vitamin A
I don't know you guys..tapi kalau vitamin A.. I mesti ingat carrot..hahaha ..maybe sbb my late father sllu ckp..makan lobak..good for your eyes.. makan lobak..mata tak arbun..makan lobak mata terang..makan lobak..lobak ..lobak..hahahah  
 Below here is the one that being capsulized in softgels.. Vitamin A is an oil-soluble element.. so make sure you eat your vitamins after food consumption ya.. 
Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Retinol hebat since ia boleh jadi  antioxidant and as a wrinkle reducer in many anti aging skin care products and wrinkle creams. It is a powerful antioxidant and sgt bagus untuk elakkan premature aging. It helps strengthen the protective tissues of the skin making it firm. 
People who suffer from acne have seen positive results when the condition is treated with vitamin A. It is beneficial in reducing the production of sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin glands that leads to acne. 

Vitamin C 
Haaaacchheeeem!!..mama..adik selsema.. confirm mama bagi vitamin C after bg ubat..hehehe. Vitamin C byk sumber..ade dari broccoli..etc etc etc..

Ok..begitu bersemangat letak gambar buah..hahaha sbb warna mcm lawa skit entry I ni..hahaha.. Vitamin C ni adalah anti-oxidant yang bertanggungjawab generate collagen dan improve sekali appearance of wrinkles. dan ia juga mencerahkan kulit..kulit jadi radiant..Vitamin C ni juga provide UV protection tapi tak akan dicampur sekali dgn sunscreen utk lebih effective.

Vitamin E
and..finally...we come to the last ingredients... Vitamin E..ok..bangun semua..class dh nak abis ni..hahaha..ok murid2..ini sumber vitamin E.
 Vitamin E is a generic term for a class of chemical compounds called tocopherols and tocotrienols. It's essential for human nutrition and is also common in skin care products such as creams. Vitamin E is soluble in fat that protects skin cells by inhibiting damaging chemical reactions.

Vitamin E oil provides the skin with necessary moisture as well as antioxidants for intense healingvitamin E oil is helpful for scar healing and prevention because it goes beneath the surface of skin to block free radicals.  Radikal - radikal bebas ni yang menghalang dari parut tu utk sembuh sebenarnya..
strong antioxidant power in vitamin E also aids in collagen production, which gives skin its elasticity and is not present in scar tissue.. tis anti-axidant juga menghalang daripada brown spot naik mcm cendawan kat kulit kita...hehehe
Ok.. I think that's all from me.. Writing this entry mmg byk effort sbb byk yang perlu I baca and study betul-betul since I tak nak bagi wrong information to readers.. Well.. if you want to get all of these benefits..make sure it is from the 100% Original & Authentic Tabita Skincare ya.. We won't get this benefits if we go for the fake ones.. Entah ape yang diletaknya.. besides it is dangerous.. 
After this I will make an entry on Tabita Skin Review ..My own Testimonial.. =)

Thank you for stopping by and read my post..=)
Salam..and have a Nice Day.. 

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