Friday, November 16, 2012

FELINNA Beauty Inch Loss Lotion

One word for this lotion.. WOW!!!.. I fell in love easily with this lotion..Want to know why? It works! Inch loss? Yes that is true.. less than 1 week I have lost 1 inch around my waist and hip.. well that is the most problematic area for a woman after giving birth.. People might sa.." hey.. you got bakc your old figure".. but the truth is.. there are still extra fats that need to be eliminated.. I know.. I know.. It's my figure.. and I know it well.. hahahah..   

Taadaaa.. Say hello to FELINNA Beauty Inch Loss Lotion.. =) Simple packaging..nice and clean..

 Previous bottle, they packed in 150 ml but now they add in another 30 ml with the same price.. this is an affordable lotion and really worth every penny from your pocket.. it has a very nice floral smell.. when you apply this on your skin, it just melt and spread evenly.. our skin will feel smooth, no sticky feeling.. it absorbs fast into your skin..and work fast!!!

 The testimony (in the brochure) is Puan Felinna herself.. she used her own product before she introduce to market.. what a change..what a change.. this lotion is safe, even you can apply under your chin to get rid of that stubborn double chin.. look how sculptured  her face is.. it's really amazing..

The model is her sister.. she used Felinna to.. and look how define her body is..  and my self.. I used this lotion religiously for less than one week.. 3 times/day..and all I can say.. it really works..In addition, this lotion has KKM from Ministry of it is safe =)

Anybody who look forward to loss those inches.. Please..please.. do not hesitate to contact me

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Good price is waiting.. =)

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