Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tabita Skincare : Price MarkDown for Hari Raya!!!!

Salam Tabitarians ...newcomers...
Sales ni special utk uols... Harap sgt uols sudi tgk2 belek2 ya...100% authentic..original...takde main bubuh je tau original tu...Boleh browse through my blogs ni...semua cerita Tabita ade.. =)

Feel free to check this out!

-Old packaging-
Set exc rm315
Set reg rm285 (sold out)

-New packaging-
Set exc rm340
Set reg rm300 

Details of products 

Set exclusive
Facial soap 120ml
Smooth lotion 120ml
Day cream 40g
Night cream 40g
Last up to 4-5month

Set regular
Facial soap 120ml
Smooth lotion 120ml
Day cream 25g
Night cream 25g
Last up to 2-3 months

Set trial repack
Facial soap 60ml
Smooth lotion 60ml
Day cream 15g
Night cream 15g
Last 1-11/2 months

**Loose Items : all less rm20!!! **
Vit E Gold serum rm155
Special cream rm155
Eye cream rm135
Acne cream rm135
Matt Finishing rm155
Loose Powder rm135
Day cream exc rm135
Day cream reg rm115
Day cream repack rm60
Night Cream exc rm135
Night cream reg rm115
Night cream repack rm60
Facial soap rm105
Smooth Lotion rm115

**Free Postage within Malaysia**

Combo Sales!!!Hand and body Lotion Tabita + Body scrub Tabita!!!!RM160 free postage for BOTH!!!

SMS/WHATSAPP : 012-6242855

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