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Double Cleansing Regime.. What Is My Favorite Pre-Wash Cleansing Oil / Lotion

Assalamualaikum..dear Lovelies.. hari ni just a quick review on cleansing oil.. sesiapa yang selalu jengah my blog, uols tahu my first regime before washing face is pre-wash.. It is a double cleansing method.. As far as I am concern this method was invented by the Japanese ladies which they are really critical on healthy and clean face.. =)

People who always use makeups memang sgt2la kene buat double cleansing method..and there will be some i tak guna make up..i pakai bedak je..lipstick pn kadang2.. oh sayang..itu pn make up ya... not necessary you kene tepek foundation ...two way cake..mascara..eyeliner dsbgnya... 
Walaupun I di rumah.. and keluar sekadar ke kedai.. whyen it comes to prep my skin...meaning I nak kene pakai toner..moisturizer bla bla bla... I mesti buat double cleansing...why? why? why?
Because our everyday punya condition not as cleans as we expected.. Asap..habuk.. radical2 bebas...dsbgnya menyebabkn pembersihan itu amatlah penting.. tak de gunanya you beli skincare mahal2 tetapi... the first step you dh salah... skin you not well prepare and tak mulalh macam2 naik..breakouts..acne..pimples.. and so on sbb bile muka u tak bersih..u sapu toner untuk kecutkan liang roma..and the leftover kat dlm your pores akan mix dgn moisturizer n lotions..maka memang hebatla tempat pembiakan macam2 ...hahahah.. 
Double cleansing ni I buat 1-2 kali sehari... terutama sekali selepas balik kerja..selepas kulit I terdedah dgn environment luar...

So these are among yg I dah cuba.. don't worry ya.. I tak review barang mahal2.. sbb I percaya barang yg berpatutan harganya boleh memberi result yg bagus klu uols nk go for high end punya cleansing oil / lotion..tak menjadi masalah..bergantung pd pocket masing2 =)

1. Silky Girl Hydra Clean Make Up Remover For Face, Eyes and Lips
2. Simply Siti Simply Dual Action MakeUp Remover
3. Hada Labo High Purity Olive Oil Cleansing Oil Make Up Remover
4. Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil Rose and Chamomile

Rupe kandungan for every cleansing oil / lotion

Silky Girl Hydra Clean Make Up Remover For Face, Eyes and Lips

I am not a fan of this product.. sebab tak berapa effective nak remove make up.. if I used mascara definitely not a good product to remove the waterproof one.. sbb I kene re-apply byk kali to make sure my eyelashes are clean and takde kesan mascara and eyeliner.. I hv bad experience di mana I dh confident giler remove all those make up...lepas I cuci muka..nk tumble dry my skin,...mata I rupa panda...muahahahaha..habis hitam bawah mata...not a no-no for me this make up.. I beli since the price is cheap but.. no effective for me.. The smell macam rumput skit..I dunno maybe nak bg signature smell on aloe vera..I bag 1 1/2 star out of 5 ... sorry Silky Girl.. 


Oil layer and water layer...just can't get it..why they have to do this...

Simply Siti Simply Dual Action MakeUp Remover

Actually I dapat free since I beli mascara yg ade Argan Oil tu (pffftttt..tak best langsung..clumpy..and bersepah2).. So what's with this...Frankly.. kat bottle nya mmg sembang byk pasal ingredients nya..yg mana very natural...ade 7 natural plant extracts katanya...celery, white cabbage, hyunmi, carrot, tomato, pak choi and broccoli ..ade juga arbutin for brightening the skin..I tak pasti kenapa nak letak pak choi...ngeeee sbb pada I pak choi tu sedap di makan je...hahahah frankly for removing the foundation...mmg OK..but not for lipsticks and waterproof mascara... sorry Siti Nurhaliza.. you need to improve on this make-up remover..oil and water layer just make matters worst..sbb I did not get the oil...asyik dpt the water layer ..well minyak tak bercampur dgn that is one of the reason this make up remover tak sesuai for water proof make-ups... I give 2 stars for this product... 

* you have to use cotton for this make-up remover

Hada Labo High Purity Olive Oil Cleansing Oil Make Up Remover

I like this product.. It serves me very well.. The texture is thick somehow will make you need to rinse more than 3 times before using the facial wash..well it stated on the bottle for heavy and waterproof make yang guna stick yg tebal2..heavy eyeshadows..especially for wedding...bug event...etc..this is very good.
 It does remove the waterproof make up very well.. and give you smooth and supple skin... I takde breakouts when I use this ..walaupun it stated they put olive oil inside.. nio trace of olive oil smell..and the liquid is thick enough for the whole just for one pump..the only drawback is....the nozzle and pump..when u pump it.. it can get messy every where... terpecik sane you need to make sure it is very close to your palm.. I give 4 stars for this product...

 Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil Rose and Chamomile

This is my star product.. very light oily texture and easy to rinse off.. very effective on any kind of make-ups . This cleansing oil not only give you smooth and supple skin but it soothes redness and sunburn.. especially you put on make-up and need to go out under the sun... macam sayala...heheheh
The smell is very nice and the bottle is simple and  lightweight compare to Hada Labo.. It also moisturize your eyebrow and lashes... just let it stay for 2 minutes..and you will find it moisturizing...
I give 41/2 stars for this product =) totally a repeat buying on this and the Hada Labo 

So loevelies.. I think that is all from me... A simple and quick review on cleansing oil/lotion.. I hope this will help you to find the right cleansing oil =)

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