Thursday, December 10, 2015


We have so many days..special days. Those days like Hari Raya..CNY..Deepavali celebrate religious act.  We also have days to celebrate nationalistic event.. And  this coming 12th December 2015 is our  Hari Kitar Semula Kebangsaan 2015!

A "day" ..should be a 24 hr period of time.. Time when we reflect on what that day means. Each of us might cntribute to others..listening to speech..having meal as family n friends..even a parade...

To me the most important days is to reflect and honor those heroes who made us proud. Today we want to honor the recycling.. Still standing strong and moving. Not that fast but sustaining..

I believe..the citizens who recycle are type of people who make a difference. They are more likely to serve in a community effort and they know that a simple effort can really make a huge positive impact to their community, their country & their planet. These are the people that we call the heroes!

Malaysia need more heroes on this and in urgency for a bigger team to take this playoffs & hopefully to gain success in another 365 days next year!

Recycle is too cliche for some of us right?
But get to know something different on that day!


Children will get more excited on recycling because it is fun!

Ibu bapa digalakkn membawa anak2 sekali, sekampung pn boleh!

Abam2 sado abam2 long kawasan blh bwk anak2 buah marilah dtg beramai2.terserlah kemachoan hati nurani anda!

Akak2 hijabista..hipsters..aweks2 muda aweks2 matured.. Nak lagi stylo come n join us! Green Thing is the New In-Trend!

Bila tu?
12 Disember 2015,

Kat mana tu?
Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras, KL

Mula bila, habeh bila?
Seawal 7.00pg - 3.00ptg

Tapi, why me? Why us?
Sbb pengurusan alam sekitar adalah tggjawab bersama! Kite kan same2 mendiami bumi Malaysia. Jd same2lah kita jaga rumah kesayangan kita ni.

Hmmm..kene bayar ke? Hujung thun ni blh thn sesaknya..
Relaks brader n sista! Free admission for all ages!

Jgn lupa. Book tarikh ini
12 DISEMBER 2015, SABTU, 7.00AM-3.00PM,

utk Hari Kitar Semula Kebangsaan 2015.See You There!!!!


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