Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Assalamualaikum..Hi...Hello..Guten Tag..

Never knew that I will build this thing.. This blog is quite cacamarba.. From any  reviews to any anyam ketupats (admitla, thru blog also can anyam maaa) .. from self-expression to anybody's madness or happiness.. in short..SHARING.. well..sharing is caring but sometimes it can be sharing is "sebok"ing..ahahaha well it depends.. so sape-sape nk SKODENG ...pppoooollllooowww leeee kiteeeeee ...

it's around 6:25++ am.. towel dh sangkut atas bahu.. utk menghadap realiti kehidupan.. boss, staffs...documents..attitude problem...discipline...org tido dlm locker.. org makan bulan pose..org mengulor pi bank...si kaki bodek boss yg buat mate berbulu...hai...APE PUN TAK BOLEY... till then.. daaaaa

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