Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet

This perfume...this perfume..this perfume...waaa weeee..mmg i like very much.. the scent is so blooming..mcm bunga kembang...pisssshhhhh pastu keluar bau wangi..ahhh..bestnye..(pisssshhh..wadahel is that..)..baunye subtle..sweet..and effortlessly notes cam citrus-citrus sket..then blend in dgn bau peony and rose..the settle down jadi bau creamy and musky..hummm like a white musk. very suitable for casual and non-official occasion..pi jalan2 ke..shopping2 ke..if outdoor pakai yg menyegat mmg very over the top..hahaha org pusing kepala 360 kot nk tgk sape pakai wangi2 sgt... mmg jadi minah air freshner la jwbnye..ha jgn smpai mcm gitu.. well, this perfume is my favourite after Gucci i dunno yet..still searching for a good scent.. =) oh miss dior cherie...sniff sniff sniff..

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