Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So..last post I dah cerita I pegi MidValley and The Gardens.. hasil menuai auntie Hanim....adalah kasut..dia memang nak cari flats..so mine ..tak byk.. 2 aje..ahaha perfume and baju since dapat voucher beli perfume I rembat la baju kat Metrojaya..ade sales plak tu.. so this is what I bought yesterday..

 errr..nampak tak..? hahaha just kidding... ni pic I just simply amik sbb tunggu hanim pg ladies..

GUCCI PREMIER by Gucci.. so I mmg fans Gucci fragrance... so ceritanya I keluar dari Metrojaya after chatting dgn amoi SA SK-II..tp tak jadi beli... al-maklumle SK-II kottt..tunggula..end of this month keeeeewww..hohohoh cita2 tu..ke brangan je.. so tetibe ade one guy panggil kat concourse luar dr Metrojaya.. SA Gucci.. so dia pn promote la this new fragrance.. as you can see from the picture..the Ambassador is Blake Lively.. maybe dia dh milking byk kat Chanel..so skrg kat Gucci..minah ni acting s0-s0 je tapi... jadi Ambassador ke main high end brand lagi...so he took less than 30 minutes (thanks to Hanim sbb dia pn dh mcm separuh promoter..hahaha).. I pn beli.. but dia ni sgt baik hati..very generous uols.. want to know what else that I got from him.. jeng jeng jeng..

...so this is the set yg I pilih 75 ml Gucci Premier EDP, 1 miniature, 30ml body lotion, and 1 vials..

...so untuk menampakkan kemeriahan seperti  hantaran kahwin (tetibe teringat zaman kahwin kan...) inilah yg I dapat... so as you can see at the back is the set that I have stated.. so in front of the set is the free giftssssss..yes ..I would like to emphasize the ssssss..sbb memey gosh..byk..hahaha Hanim pn mcm..akak make sure dia bagi k..mesti bagi..tgk betul2..dia dh jnji..sbb mcm too good to be true..hahaha.. 

I dapat D&G La Lune No.13 mini spray, Limited Edition Gucci Premier mirror, Limited Edition Gucci Premier scented candle, 5 vials consist of 2 Gucci Flora (Gardenia), 2 Gucci Guilty for Her, 1 Gucci Guilty Intense  for Him, Limited Edition Gucci Premier pouch and free consultation on perfume..hahahaha so sgt satisfied.. =)

 I dapat mirror... hehehe.. terbaikla.. sayang betul dgn mirror comey ni...

 dapat scented candles.. hummm sampai hati ke nak nyalakn...oh tidak...hahahaha

pouch Gucci Premier... huhuhu... I can put my make-up inside this gorgeous pouch...

. ..so what is the free consultation.. I tanya dia.. camane nak tahu fake / original perfume.. so dia kata.. tgk this tag kat kotak perfume..as u can see the official distributor / importer is as stated in the picture besides all the numbers..and Gucci perfume box when you scan under UV light / special scanner there will be a lot of Gucci symbols.. so inilah yg dia beritahu..I pun angguk dan mcm impress.. mmg pon..sampai ade logo that can be seen under UV light..ingt $$$ je..hahaha..so SA yg baik hati ni namanye Didie Dame.. =) thanks Didie.. 

so now..ape yg best pasal this perfume besides its glamorous bottle.. gold ok..hahaha..for me its really long lasting.. I beli on Sunday so I pakai on Monday morning nk pergi office.. ok..maybe it is not suitable to use this perfume nk pergi kerja but I just wanted to smell the change of its notes.. so top notes... it smells like bergamot & orange blossom..very vintage... the it settled down jd bau white flower yg musky skit.. then the base notes are woody and leather.. 3 words for this perfume exuberance, timeless and luxury .. so these are the range EDP 30ml, EDP 50ml, EDP 75ml, Body Lotion 200ml, Shower Gel 200ml, Deo Spray 100ml... I am not sure dah launch ke tak since Didie said it will be launch end of this year..so the one that  I bought mcm sort of pre-launch..I guess.. so for me I give 4 stars out of 5.. tp kedengaran bias since I mmg fans Gucci. hahahaha.. 

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