Saturday, November 17, 2012

LollyScarf... Sweet Like A Lolipop!

Assalamualaikum.. and hi.. just wanna ask people out there especially ladies..What do you think about oversize shawls.. I mean it's like 110cm x 180cm ? For me, at the beginning it was a big no-no.. it's quite difficult to style those shawls..(at the beginning.. yes I am repeating hahaha) I like this type of scarf.. not as large as that... I was being quite skeptical... 

But, then I met LOLLYSCARF ... most of the shawls are printed shawls.. nice pattern.. I just love the leopard prints.. the colors are just simply amazing and eye catching.. but then I still thought about how miserable I would be just to style the shawls.. I was thinking of one-hour of shawls styling. hahaha yeah ridiculous but..that is what I thought at that time.. but then I saw the owner of this LOLLYSCARF wearing these shawls.. attractively.. I ask the owner (she is my cousin) ...she said it is just a piece of cake since it is made from cotton.. well.. that is for a start..  COTTON.. with this climate ( I mean it is Malaysia ok? high humidity..sunny that isn't so bad.. very suitable for Malaysia's weather.. for a start I bought 2 pieces..but less than a day.. I ordered another 2 pieces.hahahah (woman always like that..don't blame us).. so after practicing.. doing some inventions and innovations.. of hijab style (oh! whatever...) I manage to style my own hijab style.. ( I think I use a lot of "style" in here).. so these are among the fastest..and the simplest every day wear .. Whys it should be fastest & simplest? I don't have the time to fold roses or any flowers using my hijab.. I have to send my baby to his babysitter's house..get to work.. doing housework.. cooking.. bla bla bla.. so the simplest the better.. but doesn't mean you are lack of style.. just a little bit twist.. then you are all set!...remember Less Is More..Fashion Fade, Style Is Eternal..Ok! done with mumbling.. here we go.. My Hijab Style..

All of this style took less than 5 minutes (if you are expert enough..hahaha) 2 pins and 1 brooch.. but the green shawls (which I got it free..actually she gave it to me as present) I styled it with no pins and brooch.. just take both side...let the other side longer than one side (any side that you prefer)..tied it up..take the longer side on top of your head..just let it be ..let it sit freely.. and styled the leftover (in front) the way you like.. simplest!..hahaha

Ladies.. if you want to shop for oversize shawls.. puplum dress..long skirt..pallazo.. DaisyDress..LollyDress.. just like her FB page at LOLLYSCARF ... =) Price range from rm30 to rm100... Affordable price with an expensive style.. trust me.. 

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