Friday, September 16, 2011

RONASUTRA... love it!

Have you girls heard about RONASUTRA MINERAL MAKE UP?.. I've been using it for quite a while..maybe around 2-3 months.. I always used mineral powder make-up since my skin is prone to rashes .. so I need something that not allergic to my skin..well the packaging looks like this..

It has 5 tones that match your skin..the tone named as :-

 - for medium reddish / pinkish skin tone

- for light reddish / pinkish skintone

 - for dark reddish and yellowish skintone

 - for light yellowish skin tone

- for medium yellowish skin tone to define my skin tone..well, you can take this fast quiz : are you warm or cool? can get precise skin tone ...

The texture of the powder is very fine..easy to blend...and doesn't make you look like wearing any make-up...since it blend so well with the skin colour but you have to get the right tone for your skin... I would like to recommend the usage of kabuki brush...please do invest on good / best quality of kabuki brush... it is woth buying... low quality kabuki brush will not give you good blending and it can hurt your skin since it is not as soft as the high quality one...

What is so special about this make up...? well besides being suitable for all skin type and sensitive skin.. these are among the benefits / advantages using this mineral make-up powder...

Ronasutra gives good coverage without clogging up pores
The absence of filler ingredients, oils and preservative and the presence of pure minerals ensure good coverage by Ronasutra without the typical layers of pore-clogging make-up that you need to put on in order to get the same level of coverage.

No more pasty chalky powdery look
When you use normal or even branded face powders, you may get good coverage but most times your skin also ends up looking powdery and chalky. With Ronasutra you can get good coverage  while looking as though you only have a thin layer of powder. The extremely fine texture of Ronasutra ensures that it is possible to layer on a thick level and still maintain the look of translucency. Note that this is only possible with mineral makeup
Ronasutra lasts all day long! 
No more oily face or face makeup that melts by lunchtime! Ronasutra mineral powder is sweat-resistant and sits on top of skin for hours while still letting your skin breathe. 

Color that stays true for 16 hours 
Do you notice that sometimes you look fabulous after applying your face powder only to look darker a few hours later? This is because your powder contain ingredients that oxidize or 'turn bad' once exposed to air and when it mixes with your skin sebum. With Ronasutra, this is no longer a problem. Pure inert minerals do not interact with your skin or the environment, ensuring color that stays true from morning to night!

Get high SPF protection that won't fade or rub off with Ronasutra 
The pure minerals in Ronasutra reflect and deflect away harmful UV rays from your skin. The protection  given by the physical UV block of minerals is far superior than liquid chemical sunscreens that tend to have a reduced SPF level once out of the bottle and applied on skin. Furthermore Ronasutra won't rub off or fade, ensuring good sun protection all day long. It's also a good sun protection alternative for men and women who do not like the oily textures of ordinary sunblocks.

Safe even for the most sensitive skin
From normal skin to the most sensitive skin, Ronasutra's dermatologist recommended formula 
is a very good choice for face makeup. In fact Ronasutra may be applied right after skin peeling or facials, unlike normal face powders.

Effective protection from environmental irritants 
Ronasutra not only beautifies skin, it also protects and soothes skin from irritation and inflammation caused  by skin allergies. Ingredients such as zinc oxide not only reflects away harmful UV rays, it also soothes skin redness or breakouts.

Hassle-free, professional-looking makeup with just one step
Forget seperate bases, foundations, loose powders and concealers! With Ronasutra, flawless beautiful skin is effortless and breezy. Get toned, beautiful 3-Dimensional looks with just one step. 

No foundation..totally RONASUTRA MINERAL MAKE-UP..with touch of Lip Ice Sheer Color and swipe of eyeliner... =)

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