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Tabita Skincare Concern : Mercury

Assalamualaikum Lovelies..and Hi there!!.. Today is not the best weekend.. My son and my hubby are not well.. so just wasting my time at home..err..not really wasting la.. but just staying at home.. lepak2..take care of that two heroes in my life.. lelaki kalau sakit mmg manja kan..? hahahaha.. ok today I am going to write about Mercury or in Bahasa Melayu.. raksa.. ok..not raksaksa..itu monster..grrrrr rroooaaarrrr!! (ok saya tahu tak lawak..saje je...)

Beforehand.. this is Mercury..

Where do we find mercury? Yessss!! In thermometer... why they used mercury instead of any other metals? Most of us tahu yang mercury ni sgt merbahaya.. well..actually most metals are good in conducting heat but..they are in solid form at ambient / room temperature... camano nk dpt reading kan...Thus, the only metal yang in liquid form at this temperature is mercury.. It also has high coefficient of expansion..( ok this sounds too Einstein..) maksudnye..mcm gini la..walaupun ade sedikit perubahan is very notable .It also has a high boiling point that makes it very suitable to measure in high temperature. The shiny appearance and non-stick properties makes it appropriate for thermometers..

Besides this application.. these are among of the use of mercury...

I am not going to elaborate more on the common uses.. since my intention is to detail it more in to cosmeceuticals and skinceuticals industry... The use of mercury bukan bermula pada hari ini..Ia telah digunakan berzaman lamenye.. Ancient Romans and Egyptians use Mercury as part of their skincare regime my adding the mercury into their skincare formulation.. It is to improve their aesthetics .. ye la..nak flawlwss..kulit putih bersih.. 

How does Mercury works?
Ok..our skin ade pigment called melanin..produced by melanosytes scattered within the basal layer of our this melanin will determine how dark a person's skin is.. Thus..lagi byk melanin yang dihasilkn..lebih gelapla seseorang itu..Mercury yang selalu digunakan dalam skincare adalah dalm bentuk mercury chloride atau ammoniated mercury which is very carcinogenic (cancer-producing) .. Mercury ni  will initially cause the skin to lighten by inhibiting the production of melanin.. So dia bertindak dari peringkat melanin oleh yang demikian .... tiadalah melanin yang terbnetuk at the basal layer of our skin.. maka nyaaaaa.. takdelah pigmentation bagai.. Maka putihla seseorang itu seperti mayat.. Yes!! this is serious...putih mcm mayat..putih pucat ye..

The Effects of Mercury 

Mercury is very dangerous and could cause you a health hazard.. The symptoms include:-
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Weakness
  • Memory problem
  • Tingling around mouth
  • Damage the nervous system
It could lead to a very unhealthy and fatal condition... so be very careful ya..

So is there any alternative on skin lightening? Well.. Alhamdulillah..ada.. do not worry...hahaha =)

Dr. Arthur Perry , a very professional and popular doctor in NY..hahaha Best Doctor in NY of Dr.Oz member.. writing in Dr.Oz official website .ok..FYI Dr Oz ni ade show sendiri The Dr.Oz Show.. and one of Oprah Winfrey's favourite doctor..ok..enough enough enough..membebel je sy ni..hahaha

Ok..let me quote some of the info from ... Dr. Arthur Perry

Most of the skin lighteners don't really bleach the skin..actually those just block the formation of the pigment..menghalang.. so ..lame-lame tak ada la pigment yang terbentuk..maka putihla org tu..
These are among the pigment reducer yang disyorkan oleh Dr.Arthur ni..

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B3
  • Fruits acids/ enzymes
  • etc.
You can refer to this post.... =) Secret Recipe of Tabita Skincare

Kata Dr. Arthur, " lighten skin or not is your business..But if you do it, do it safely .."

Mercury not only contains in skin lightening creams but also in lotions, soaps, mascara and many other cosmetics.. 

FDA banned the used of Mercury in any commercial skinceutical and cosmeceuticals industry.. But still in the North America, Africa, and Asians..mercury still being used.. These are among the banned cosmetics by FDA which sold worldwide 

 To emphasize this..Tabita Skincare yang ORIGINAL  is safe from harmful and dangerous substances such as mercury, lead (plumbum), tretinon and any harmful elements. 

The natural ingredients are safe to use and carefully formulated. I would like to emphasize another thing..perusahaan Ibu Desy selama lebih 13 tahun ini..bukan berupa KILANG..Beliau tidak mengusahakan Tabita in BULK.. sebaliknya production beliau berdasarkan permintaan daripada distributors yg diuruskn oleh2 admin2 ..

Thank you for reading my post!! =)

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