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Tabita Skincare : AHA Awesomeness!!!

Assalamualaikum.. Dear Lovelies yg cantik menawan... Good all tidur..I berjaga.. writing post for knowledge sharing.. Lovelies.. frankly ramai yang comments Tabita peelingnye pedih.. tak kurang juge yang ade rase gatal-gatal.. nk garu I tak bagi..tapi gatal..hehehehe.. I faham dear.. I've been through all the process yg you all bgtahu pimples..gatal2..semua ade..but it is just for temporary lovelies...sbb tu I kata TABAH berTABITA..hehehe mmg kene tabah.. to those yg lucky.. I jealous ok.. takde kene mcm we all ni ha.. terus xerah and gebu je kulit you all.. heee jealous nyeee.. anyway.. no matter what.. my lovelies berpuas hati.. Alhamdulillah..itu yg paling penting..

Ok ..story about itchy..redness..peeling.. semua ni berkaitan dgn post ini.. AHA a ingredients.. (ape lagila sains rocket yg minah ni nk bgtau ye)..What is AHA..? Haa..sebelum kite move further..I nk define dulu AHA.. AHA is also known as Alpha hydroxyl acids ..AHA ini adalah kumpulan asid semulajadi yang derived daripada mostly tumbuh-tumbuhan.. Antara AHA yg biasa kite dengar dan lihat adalah citric acid (citrus fruit), glycolic acid (sugar cane), lactic acid (sour milk), malic acid (apples), tartaric acid (grapes) and many others... so these are some yg selalu digunakan di dalam skincare.. =)

How Does AHA Work?

Well ..frankly the explanation sangat “rocket science” hahaha.. But I try to make it simple ya.. I faham.. not everybody understand when it comes to...molecules..atoms...bla bla bla...zzzzzz hahaa
Ok ..this is from Johns Hopkins Cosmetics Centre.. based on my reading.. AHA ni dia penetrate dalam ke area dead skin cells kulit kita and loosen (longgarkan) ikatan  that attach this dead skin cells to the underlying yg  loosen cells tu akan  exfoliate by AHA and expose new skin... AHA ade ability to penetrate deeper kerana saiz molekulnya kecil berbanding element yg setara dgnnya..hydroquinone moleculenye besar dia tak exfoliate deeper.. just on surface of the skin.. mmg lain cara kerja dgn AHA.. Mercury dia block the melanin production.. bkn exfoliate.. tu yg putih mcm mayat...err.. I really hope you all understand..dh byk kali “backspace” dh ni...heheheh
   Kebanyakan skincare di pasaran..mengandungi 5% to 8% AHA but bear in minds if concentration terlalu rendah ..ia akan kurang effective tetapi jika terlalu tinggi concentration boleh mnyebabkn side effects..However.. some people might react due to kulit sy sensitive mcm sy sendiri..tak kirala low ke high concentration...I did experience some redness..itchy2..peeling..but the peeling is very mild.. ade rase pedih still bearable heheheh =) University of Maryland Medical Center recommends 8 percent AHA over-the-counter products for home use. If you need something stronger, you can use up to 12% stronger.. =)
AHA ni ada banyak benefits..kelebihan..tetapi ade juga kekurangannye..Let me tell you the positive side dulu ye..

  1. It is very effective for moisturizing and removing dead skin cells
  2. Very efficient in removing acne
  3. Improving the appearance of acne scars
  4. Improving the appearance of aging skin (sgt recommended by dermatologist)
  5.  Firming and Smoothing the skin
  6.  Brightening and reduce discoloration of skin
  7.  Glowing and radiant skin due to exfoliation
  8.   Increase the absorption of moisturizing cream, sunscreen and serum
  9.   Filling in the fine lines and wrinkles especially at the eyes and lips area
  10.   Anti-pigmentation and anti-aging properties...

10 benefits!!! kan.. thes benefits i  retrived from various sources in books and internet.. Some findings kat journals .. sane sikit..sini sikit..then I summarize kan... =)
I am a fan of Dr Oz.. mmg dulu selalu tengok Dr Oz in Oprah Winfrey’s Show..but since rancangan tu dh takde and I hv just tiny time for watching TV.. I pn dh tak follow..just I keep on track the latest health news through his website.. =).. so one of his programme yg popular is “ 7 years younger in 7 weeks” which he collaborate with Nina Judar, Beauty Director of Good Housekeeping
So for this programme... they all work out in laboratories of Good Housekeeping with more than 400 anti-aging products which led to of a 7-week plan to make women look 7 years younger using products and methods that removes fine lines and wrinkles, and makes age spots main lagi ayat I ni..hahahah .. ni idea tgh mencurah2 la ni..hahaha
So from this 400 products they perfomed over 5,000 lab tests..=)..ini untuk membuktikan yang  mana berkesan and yg mane just a hype!!..hehehe
As a summary.. Anti-Aging Tips for this plan are:-
1.       Use AHA Cleanser for Your Face!
Ok..this is important lovelies.. Cucilah muka anda tetapi jgn overwash..nnt overdry pulak.. from Diane Berson, MD ..certified dermatologist.. 1 big mistake yg kite yg ladies ni selalu sgt buat is bukan tak cuci muka tetapi.. cuci muka terlalu kasar dan terlalu kerap.. samapi berkali2 sehari.. pada I max is 3 kali la since on lunch break yang Muslim kita solat Zuhur kan.. =)She recommended to use AHA cleanser to exfoliate skin and removing surface oils from skin least once per day... for a healthy glow..

2.       Use an At Home Skin Peel
      Skin peel should be done once or twice per week if kite guna concentrated AHA formula (40%-70%).. but since Tabita Skincare Smooth Lotion contain less than that concentration..we can use it on daily basis..but Lovelies.. if you rase terlalu itchy.. and pedih..blh guna sekali sehari atau selang sehari..since our skin a different from each other.. =).. AHA products that goes deeper into the skin will produce more luminous glow and smooth feel..yeay!!!

3.       Moisturize with Ceramides
Well.. Tabita Skincare tak produce any ceramide cream..since our cream are derived from natural plant.. Actually ceramide is a epidermal lipid..dlm badan kita pn ade ceramide..sama seperti collagen.. So the analogy nye mcm ni.. our skin cells ni mcm bricks and this epidermal lipid are the mortar between the skin cells ...ia membantu skin tu stick to each other and give smooth feel.. so tanpa lipid ni akan jadi rough ...kasar dan bersisik..
In Tabita Skincare.. it may contains amount of ceramide.. tp takla abundant kan.. sbb Tabita Skincare ni day cream n night cream ni for treatment set..for special care better go for Special Cream and Vitamin E Gold Serum  so you will get the maximum benefits.. =)
Restoring the loss lipids.. the skin cells will stick together and skin will feel smooth and supple..

4.       Fill your shopping List with Youth Foods
Haaa... ni I suke..sebab bab MAKAN..hahaha..I kuat makan tau.. I suke sgt makan..Well..enuff said.. From the expert, Samantha Casserty, RD and Nutrition Director .. when you fell better it will show in your skin..So ape makanan yg dicadangkan for this plan..
 Yellow Bell Peppers

Haa... pejadah nye tuu.. ade ke kat Malaysia ni..hahaha..cili bulat tu lovelies.. They are high in Vitamin C and eating 10 slices a day can provide more than a day’s worth of the recommended dose of Vitamin C which she says will help keep the skin from getting dry and developing wrinkles...fuh..tak sngka hebat gak cili bulat ni..i rsa nk makan cm tu aje tak tergamak kot...maybe sbgai salad ..okla..


Eehem..ehem..makan telur 1-2 biji sehari tidak menggemukkn ye..hehehe.. so what ‘s with eggs..? ape yg dia blh beri pada kita ni.. She explains that eggs provide lean protein that helps support the collagen that in turn supports sagging skin. She advises eating 1-2 eggs per day, or substitute with other sources of lean protein such as skinless chicken or nuts.

Whole Grains

Well..hari –hari kita makan grains..hehehe..beras yg menjadi nasi yg lazat dan sedap..yum yum.. tp actually it is better to make it various type of grains.. . Eating 3 servings per day of whole grains is her recommendation for repairing damaged skin. She explains that whole grains contain selenium, which research shows protects the skin from damaging UV rays from the sun...

Ok..this one.. I rase.. tak semua larat nk makan salmon hari-hari kan.. But Ms. Casserty recommends this since the Omega 3 fatty acids are great for treating blemishes!..yeay!!! let us talk about the drawbacks of AHA..
The most common side effects are peeling and leave behind black / brown spot. It is also can cause redness and itchiness..waahahahaha mmg gatal..tapi bearable lagi..hehehehe.. Another side effects are swelling and stinging sensation .. so face will look red but just for few weeks.. =).. Another effects are skin dryness and flaking but this a sign that the peel is working effectively and properly.. =) The effect are just temporary and normal for AHA product user..But I do admit..tidak semua mengalami keadaan ini..ada yang ok je..ok ..I jeles sangat..hahaha

Pregnant woman tidak digalakkn pakai AHA.. sbb tu Tabita tak bagi pregnant lovelies pakai.. kerana..based on expert people...

 "Everything you eat, apply, or come into contact with may affect not only you but also your baby," says Sandra Marchese Johnson, a dermatologist with Johnson Dermatology in Fort Smith, Arkansas 

Dosage perlu dikawal.. oleh yang demikian adalah dinasihatkan..tidak menggunakan langsung product yg ada AHA . Kandungan AHA dalam Tabita agak tinggi tapi tidakla sehingga 40-70%. This level tahap dermatologist je yang boleh prescribe.. =)
So I think that is all for AHA.. Tabita Skincare DOES contains AHA.. so peeling, redness, itchiness are things that had to do with AHA..bkn sebab ade bahan terlarang yg boleh memburukkn kulit kite.. In shaa Allah.. sy juga pengguna Tabita Skincare.. =)

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