Sunday, December 9, 2012


KRYOLAN.. anyone? well kita biasa dgr M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder..Lancome.. Chanel.. etc etc etc..but Kryolan.. have you heard about this brand..? The brand was born in 1940s.. ( I don't even exist yet..heheh and my mum too hehehe).. and the founder is Arnold Lnager..a chemistry student.. he loves science and theater  so based on his loved..he developed a make-up line for theater .. and because of his passion and love, he has developed makeup colors for thousands of theatrical and film productions (one of them is Shrek!) So let us Kryolan makeup is made.. 

Wuuuu..what a lovely colors.. just look at those hue.. 

Quaint GDR standard milk jugs from East Germany which are sourced from local flea markets as they have found them to be the most accurate for hot pouring.. and yang paling mantap..semua orang dpt gelas yg identical.. awesome.. 

Hot pouring is done by hand – even into those tiny lipstick and DermaColor palettes

 This is how they make their lipstick line.. 

This is the authenticity of Kryolan.. no big mass production.. They are very few manufacturer like Kryolan..since most of them are economist rather than artist..Kryolan really stick to their roots and this is so much to respect for..
In Malaysia..especially in blogs they are a lot of seller selling this product.. but bear in mind Kryolan is originally from Germany.. so find the right seller ya.. just make sure it is a worth buying .. 

Since I really love sharing good 11 things.. I sell  the repack of Kryolan Supra.. Superb finishing!! Flawless and it really give the smoothness effect.. Place ur order now!!! 
Supra repack tahan sehingga 2-3 bulan if u use it as daily makeup..

Original!! Authentic!!! Made in Germany!!!
NO India.NO China ya...hehehe

 RM50 / repack!!! Free postage Within Malaysia!!!!

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credit to  : Lisa Eldrige =)

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