Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 10 Wishlist for Year 2013

Every year..we will have our very own wishlist ... Some of them can be achieved .. most of them are just a daydream to me..hahaha.. well it is good to have a wishlist.. It can motivate you to work hard.. to achieve what you want.. But not to forget..to give to the unlucky one.. In Islam.. we will receive barakah  and it will make our life more meaningful ..

So..these are some of my wishlist.. 

1) Coach Madison Pleated Gathered Leather Caroline in Beige

2) Clarks Shoes - Dollar Fizz in dark Tan Leather

3) Samsung Galaxy Note II


5) Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Limited Edition 

6) Tabita Skincare - Eye Cream & Vitamin E Gold Serum

7) The Body Shop Mae Up Tools Set ( the best!)

8)  Make Up For Ever Be Your Own Make Up Artist

9) IKEA Kitchen Cabinet (exactly like in the picture)

10) This is the most important compare to the others... I wish my family is happy, healthy and being bless by Allah swt. Saya harap anak saya jadi anak yang soleh, bijak dan disayangi..I wish my mum, my siblings and my grandmothers are having a good life..happy & healthy.. and I wish Allah swt..give us prosperous and always make our prayers com true..Amin...

That's all from me.. See ya.. =)

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