Monday, December 10, 2012

My Make-Ups.. Not that Impressive..

Women and make-ups are like sisters.. am I right? not really? hahaha ..well i think it depends on type of woman.. err..really? well.. just don't think about that.. it is not important though.. I admit.. I love make-up things.. but not everyday I will wear a make-up.. but I do like the skills.. how to blend the foundation..the concealer...eyeshadows.. how to line the eye to shade ..for me it is like a hobby..or at least you have some other skill other than... doing housework or... typing?? hahaha.. I mean other than doing what you are doing everyday... kan..? 

I am not that great in make-ups.. just minimal and simple one.. but I do want to try the theatrical one.. like they do in the films.. but time is my sign up for make-up class.. My aim is for bridal make-up.. or event make-up.. at least ...for me that is just for fun and to add some skill. that's all..My fav. drug store make-up is Revlon, ZA and Maybelline.. I can say this is the top 3..Basically.. I am a fan because I use them..and I hv tried a lot of drugstore brands but these are the best for me.. L'oreal? hum.. the products are fine..but maybe it doesn't suits me that well... these are some of my my make-up case..

This is really works on me.. But.. the nozzle are not that good.. you have to pump carefully..
The texture is light and it glides smoothly on your face.. my colour is 050 Medium Beige / Beige Moyen.. just be realistic.. we have to find the closest tone to our skin.. so this the closest to mine.. It doesn't cake and stick to your skin all day long..for 12 hours!.. It doesn't cause breakouts..and can be easily remove with make-up remover. 

This second best after MakeUp For Ever HD.. and the first choice for drugstore line.. It gives satin finish.. I choose 002 since I have a Malay skin.. not too dark and not too light.. and about the color correcting thing.. I am not that sure..but whenever I take pictures.. I will give smooth skin effect.. 2 thumbs up for this primer!

This Loose Powder is very fine and it sticks to your skin. I choose 002 and it has the Derma Breathe effect..not so sure about the effects but it did what it does best.. oil control! my skin look fresh and dewy.. the best is by using Kabuki brush..

In my previous post.. I did said about "not seldom used" of lipstick.. well.. these two are my fav... next to Revlon ColourBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude 070 .. This 096 Macaroon just nice and it does compliment with my skin.. not to bright and not too dull.. just love the tone =)

If I feel I want to look pinky.. (hahaha that is too much ok..) i love to use this clour.. 415 Pink In the Afternoon.. Always used this for event / kenduri.. but absolutely not for funeral.. That will be too much.. Both of the lipsticks are creamy and moisturizing.. I can't wear matte I would look old and make my lips dry..

These two are still under experiment..hahaha.. but It really pays off with the quality . 

Some of my collection.. Stage eyeshadows are seldomly used..only used when I need extra attention to my eyes... It really works with the Revlon primer.. It sticks to your lid like a glue..hahaha. The Stage concealer are fine to me.. It does conceal my dark circles and at nose area.. 

My favourite perfume.. Gucci, D&G..Burberry and Body Shop.. But Gucci always No.1..hehehehe

That lipgloss is from SilkyGirl in Amber.. a natural colour..

Revlon PhotoReady are just simply the best! Especially when you always take photos.. It doesn't give you a white reflects.. or else you will look like a clown.
Revlon New Complexion is still under trial.. but to compare with PhotoReady... PhotoReady is still my number 1 !


My humble everyday look.. eyeliner..liptint + lipbalm..browliner..and PhotoReady Natural Och re.. =) Sorry for the irrelevant place.. ..hahahaha 

People might think with an expensive make-up range.. you can achieve a good look..well not really.. It is how you apply and blend those colours.. sometime you just need one / colours for you to look nice.. black for eyeliner and light red for your lips.. Just remember less is more and the key is match and blend..the canves is your face..make sure your skin is well maintain so you can achieve a flawless look.. not saying mine are perfect...i am still learning and trying what is the best for me.. it is just to support other woman  on looking's ok to have dark skin.. no sharp nose.. no high cheekbones..or..straight and short eyelashes.. that is what make you unique from anybody else.. just took care of yourself and appreciate & love yourself..that is the most important thing..

Well.. that is all from me.. good night..and have a nice day ahead =)