Sunday, January 27, 2013

5 Reasons on Choosing Tabita Skincare & Felinna Inchloss Lotion

Hi and salam to all my lovelies... :-)
This questions came from Anastasia from Singapore .. She asked me on Why I am Choosing Tabita skincare and Felinna InchLoss lotion as part of my beauty regime.. Well.. Right after I answered her questions.. I was thinking.. Hey why not I just blog this out...hihihi.. Well are 5 simple reasons..

My Simple Beauty Staples

Why I choose Tabita?
-simple to use
-worth buying
-busy woman like me do not hv time to go for complicated beauty procedures
-no more foundation/heavy make up ..natural skin color.

Why I choose Felinna InchLoss Lotion?
-not a torturing lotion like other slimming lotion hihihi
-smell nice
- soften & smoothen skin
- multipurpose lotion


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