Monday, January 14, 2013

Jalan-Jalan Cari Fesyen : Arzu Scarf

 Well.. this post is totally not about the products I sell..hahaha.. Arzu Scarf is one of the shawls and hijab boutique in Malaysia.. Most of us kenal Ariani.. Alya Sarah..Radiusite..Pearl Haya..Sugarscarf..Hajaba..etc etc etc.. Arzu is nonetheless a great hijab boutique.. Situated and MidValley and Suria KLCC.. both boutiques only bring the best item for their customer.. In KLCC, the boutique can be found at 203C - 205 Second Level Suria KLCC and at F-098-099 First Floor Midvalley .. I will provide you the map for both at MidValley and Suria KLCC..

203C - 205 Second Level Suria KLCC .. the red mark is the Arzu Boutique

F-098-099 First Floor Midvalley 

Mainly, Arzu sells shawls..scarves and inner for hijab purpose.. I don't think they sell the one like in Ariani.. Tudung with awning.. or just like in Pearl Haya.. If I am not mistaken..Arzu is from Turkey (the SA at KLCC told me).. so the pattern and style towards the Middle East style but yet very elegant and stylish.. I just love the selection of fabric.. 

Arzu entrance in KLCC

Meriah!!! =)

Convinient boutique.. just look how they organize their items... sedap je mata memandang..pastu duit pn macam air je..hahahah

Among the high end products.. patchwork shawls.. this is my craziness.. hahaha

My SIL is paying her very own Arzu.. I think..hehehehe

Since Mama and Auntie are like tak makan pn takpe janji dapat tudung.. Irfan makan dulu lah..hahaha

Look those pretty colours!!! rasa mcm nak beli semua on the shelves..hahaha

Inners!!! Lovely Inners!! they always have promotion like RM100 / 4 pcs.. and I was like.. Anim..kite kongsi nak..? =) MMg sng nk cari clour yg susah nak match..and Arzu always update their inner.

They also sell apparels but I think it is too expensive for me... I mean I can get better price with the same quality and various selection in other boutiques.. Well maybe they will expand more on clothing..  =) I also went to Arzu in MidValley but not so many pictures I can took..since my little kiddo was grrraaaararraaaaawwwww..hahahah he needed some nap at that time.. Here are some pictures from Arzu Scarf Midvalley Megamall..

Not so much differences compare to Arzu in KLCC

Selection of apparels and accessories are various compared to KLCC

Dying for these!! =p

 Some of my picture wearing inner and scarf from Arzu Scarf... 

If you are interested to buy this type of scarf with a lot more affordable price you can go to FB Page name Marwan .. just type Marwan at the FB Searh and you will find her selling type of scraves just like Arzu.. =) I can say that .. I am not religiously buying from Arzu.. but for certain occasion like Hari Raya.. Wedding ceremony.. kenduri.. then Arzu is my first option.... =)