Monday, January 14, 2013

Top Skincare Product : Testimonial for Tabita Skincare

Hi's been a while.. I am sorry tak update blogs..(wah perasan je mcm ramai yg nk bace blog I yang tak seberapa ni) .. Today I nk update another testimonial..She is my ex-schoolmate.. My 1st customer and the testimonial is very positive.. I am reall y glad to hear about this.. =)

Positive kan..To get positive feedback..You have to get the original Tabita.. Real Tabita might be expensive.. because of the formulation which is very effective to give a youthful and pretty skin..Formulation for Tabita Skincare is very special and unique.. As for the Fake not ask me.. pearl powder in a Fake Tabita? Just think about it.. high grade of Vitamin A, C and E? Quality Control? Err I don't think so.. Just look at my face before in HERE..They are similar but not IDENTICAL.. Learn how t spot it in HERE

Diela is very happy right now.. Excitedly waiting for one month for a new skin born.. =)

P/s : Don't steal my property.. If you want it..ask for it.. I stayed up all night long to update my blog..please jgn jadi pencurik!


  1. I think these are amazing products since they work perfectly on your skin. I am interested in trying out these products too to see if it will work well on my skin too. I used to try and search for different anti aging or skin care products so that I will know which products are good and not. In this way, I could share it with my friends and love ones.
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  2. Thank you Alison..pleasure to meet you.. for price quotation please email to me at