Friday, January 11, 2013

Price Update!! for Tabita Skincare..Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Hai..assalamualaikum..and a very good day.. Hari ni nak buat price update.. untuk produk2 yang I jual..

Tabita Skincare

Set Trial (plastic casing):- RM180

Set Trial (glass casing) :- RM220
Set regular:- RM350
Set exclusive:- RM370
Facial Foam:- RM120
Smooth Lotion:- RM130
Daily cream 25gm/40gm:- RM135/RM145
Nightly cream 25gm/40gm:- RM135/RM145
Acne cream 40gm:- RM145
Eye cream 40gm:- RM145
Special cream 40gm:- RM220
Serum vit e gold:- RM200
Matt finishing:- RM175
Loose powder:- RM150
Body scrub:- RM110
Body lotion:- RM70

Postage fee (set trial, exclusive, regular) : RM10
Postage fee (Loose Items) : RM5 each

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Introductory Price : RM2.00/pcs
Introductory Price : RM9/5 pcs
Postage Fee : RM5

While Stock Last!!

Normal Price : RM3.00
Normal Price : RM14 / 5 pieces
Postage fee : RM 5

Felinna Beauty Inch Loss Lotion

RM75 / bottle + Free Gift +  Free postage

Felinna Vitamin C plus Pure Marine Collagen

RM85 / box + Free postage

Just now, I was thinking of selling RONASUTRA products & 3 types of face mask.. Crystal Collagen Face Mask, Crystal Collage Gold Powder Face Mask ?& Shisedo Black Head Remover Mask.. In shaa Allah..... =)

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