Friday, January 4, 2013

Beauty Product Review : BIOGLO Red Ginseng Body Scrub

Hello.. Assalamualaikum.. =) Today's review based on my favourite body scrub.. BIOGLO Red Gindeng Body Scrub.. I bought this from my officemate.. This is a catalog -base product by COSWAY.. I really like this product due to its properties for cleansing & purifying the skin...

Basically, this is the look...white tube with red cap.. =)

 I apply this on wet skin (as stated in the direction) and massage it all over my body and focus more on targeted area.. such as knee..armpit..heels..elbows..feet.. then after 5-10 minutes..just rinse off with water and no need to use shower gel.. It can be use on daily basis..but since I have a dry skin.. 2-3 times per week is more than enough.. I am afraid I will over dry my skin..

These are the ingredients.. this scrub mainly using the Walnut Shell powder which has the ability to scrub off any dirts..impurities..dead skin cells.. and make your skin look radiant & smooth.. Korean Red Ginseng is used to renew & rejunevate your skin..tired skin will look old and unattractive..Glycerin will moisturized your skin so it will be soft..smooth and supple.. =).. Most of the ingredients are natural plant derived.. 

This is the scrub..err the color is not into my liking.,..hahaha but works..hahaha =)

The smells are like Chinese medicine.. but still OK for me.. don't worry it won't left on your skin.. =) instead you will fell fresh!!

It works on me... =)

Before using the scrub

After using the scrub.. ok la...hehehe

Conclusion :
Pros : Really feel smooth and get rid off dirt & dead skin cells
Love the radiant effect after scrubbing
Easy cleansing after apply

Cons : Medicated smell which some of us may not like it
The walnut shell may not suitable for sensitive skin
Have to get it from COSWAY 

Price : RM19.90 but sometimes they offer lower price base on campaign =)

Most of us think body scrub is not important .. but hey it is worth doing it.. our skin are expose to contaminants..dirt..smoke.. hectic environment..tensions.. so this is one way of getting it renew & rejuvenate.. you will feel comfortable after scrubbing.. don't forget to apply body lotion as it will moisturize your skin.. 

Thank you for reading... =)

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