Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beauty Product Testimonial : FELINNA Beauty InchLoss Lotion

This testimonial come from a friend of mine... well she is very shy to put her face in here but she gave the photo that shows the effectiveness of Felinna Lotion... Without further a due...I present to you.....

This is the before picture.. You can see the bulge of her stomach.. 30 inches... Dia dah menangis sbb jeans tak muat dah.. Date : 19th December 2012

This is the After picture.. same clothes...same lighting ..same place..same clothes..and same measuring tape.. 29 inches!!!! hahahaha she is very happy and now she bought 3 more from me.. Date 4/1/2012 (it  is less than 1 month)
Well..she is quite discipline while using this lotion.. she doesn't go for strict diet but hey who can eat 3 plates of rice.. moderation is the key... =) she seldomly use stairs before ..but since she losses 1 inches in less than one month.. she is very motivated and start to move..taking the stairs instead of lift..walk to car parks..doing housework.. you don't have to go to gymnasium to get slimmer body.. This is what she did..  

If you want to feel good and look good.. not hesitate to contact me =)

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