Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Tips to Get Through Monday :-)

Monday..people always give such a ketat face on Monday.. looking sleepy..tired..moody.. and usually called Black Monday or Monday Blues.. No exception.. me too ..having the same feeling..

Although Monday tu hari yg agak sengal dan rase mcm nk tido smpai petang.. we hv to get thru the day.. tak kirala kite budak sekolah.. bekerja..tanam.anggur .. we must get thru jgk...

Tp teruk sgt ka Monday ni? takde cara nk bg happy2 ke.. bg smgt keja ka.. well for me.. this is my tips..

1. Breakfast - but not alone..having frens around during breakfast is a good start.. we will start sharing each other activities on past weekend.. seronok gak..

2. Songs - listen! listen! listen! ...hihihihi opps.. any song that make u swag.. vibe that can.make u move.. errr but do this at home...hihihi

3. Smile & say hi - start ur day with a smile... say hi to your friends.. give them a warm and pleasure salam.. when u make others happy..you will feel happy

4. Take it easy - relax and sort things that need to be done ..one by one.. rather than trying to dk them all in one time.. we will end up in a mess.. and none of then.finish..

5. Pray - pray in the morning will make you at peace.. either you are Muslim..Buddhist..Christian or Hindu.. pray is like a food to ur brain and medicine to ur heart..

i think that is all.. good luck.. :-)

One Monday morning... I face the world with a smile...  :-)

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