Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Own Eyeshadow Palettes =)

Well.. I came across this idea when I saw bunch of unused compact 2-way foundation.. My intention was to buy a new refill  but since I use Tabita Skincare & Felinna Vitamin C... I seldom use the 2-way..hahaha sounds berlagak.. but..hey to tell the truth... I am not a bedak chaser anymore.. hahaha I mean not everyday I don't use powder / 2 way.. but it is not a compulsory anymore... bolehla nak bare face.. pakai eyeliner je.. =)

So what I do is I korek the whole lot of Revlon ..Maybelline.. and anything that can be korek out..I use magnets or you can alternatively use glue (make sure it is strong enuff).. or sellotape.. After the digging starts.. make sure you use small pins and carefully pluck it out from the casing..make sure tak pecah ..On top of this..please disinfect your 2-way casing ya.. please make sure it is clean and safe..the before you stick on those disinfected casing... arrange the colours the way you want...you maybe can start with the lightest colour... to the deepest hue....if you use the magnet..stick the magnet using glue (UHU Glue is OK) inside the powder area and the sponge area.. let it dry...

And so..the palette may look like this....

Yeay!!! Done!! Well.. if you buy a new sets of eyeshadow palette ..you may just forget about doing this.. it is new!!! hahaha..this is applicable for the broken eyeshadow palettes... too much too handle palettes.. or maybe you just get bored and just want to do something... hahahah

Well this is just my simple initiative to make sure my make up case in simple..clean & tidy...and convenient too especially when you travel a lot..

That is all from me.. happy trying..

Oh ya.. you also can use with CD casing... and you can print you own label.. hehehe =)


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