Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tabita Skincare Fake..Imitate.. Please Do Not Risk Your Health & Skin...

People ask me.. why are  you so serious about Fake Tabita Skincare.. well.. let the pictures speak for me this time..

Below is the picture when I use the ORIGINAL SET .. Can you spot the differences???

When I buy the Fake one it cost around RM400..400.. just like the price for Original one.. and a lot of my friends being cheated with a very cheap set and end up just like in the 1st & 2nd pic.. 

This is the reason why I really mad at Fake Tabita Skincare.. and I really need your help my lovelies...please please..pretty please.. do not get into Fake Tabita Skincare.. Genuine product will give you what it claims to be... but not the imitate & fake one... If you find another seller which you prefer..please go ahead bust just make sure my sweethearts... it is 200% ORIGINAL..AUTHENTIC... 

Ok..need to go for rest... love love love lots of love.. nite nite =)

Please do read this.. Tabita Skincare Original vs Tabita Skincare Fake
In that post, the set that I compare is the one that affected my skin to be like the above pic.. No photoshop..please investigate using any software if you are not satisfied... =)

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