Saturday, January 19, 2013

Testimonial White Collar Lady!!!

Assalamualaikum wbkt.. and Hi lovelies.. today another testimonial.. but not from anyone else.. tapi dari diri saya sendiri... Please ..this is not to show off but since most of the email asking for this.. I just fulfill the request.. Firstly..this picture is with no editing.. no camera trick or whatsoever..directly taken from my cameraphone and my hubby's Nikon...

Let the pictures speak.....

Latest : 17 January 2013 after  Tabita Skincare , Felinna InchLoss, Felinna PMCVC, Crystal EyeMask
(No foundation, No concealer)

Before : After Confinement 1 January 2012
No Tabita, No Felinna InchLoss, No Felinna PMCVC, No Crystal EyeMask

After : 1 month of Tabita (no powder)
 No Felinna InchLoss, No Felinna PMCVC
No Crsytal Eye Mask

After : 11/2 months Tabita, 2 weeks Felinna InchLoss and Crystal EyeMask
No Felinna PMCVC (same tudung with pic number 2 but different looks ..=) )

After : 2 months Tabita, 1 month Felinna InchLoss, 1 months Crystal Eye Mask and 2 weeks Felinna PMCVC
(No foundation and powder)
With Make-Up.. Your face is like a canvas.. a good canvas will give a nice and natural make-up effect. No need to put extra concealer to cover the imperfections

Pictures have spoken..hahaha.. Alhamdulillah..semua positive..  You can achieve the same like mine.. I am not Miss Universe or even a  model..just a normal woman having a normal life & family... =) don't get me wrong due to this posting... I just want to give proof on the effectiveness of the products that I sell.. I am not a liar / a cheater.. I get all of those products on the right channel.. Original products does quite pricey especially Tabita but it gives what it claims..

I think that is all.. Thank you.. =)

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