Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beauty Product Testimonial : Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Hai..just want to share my own testimonial on Crystal Collagen Eye Mask.. Let the picture speaks...hahahaa

Tadaaaaaaa!!! It really soothing and refreshing after 1st application..There is no edit /photoshop for this picture...You can see obviously the eyebags..arrghhh besar mcm handbag... really looks ugly.. but what can I do.. thanks to Laptop..dateline..and stay up late night...hahaha..luckily I found this mask...loveliness

It is a worth trying... affordable & yet effective.. anybody is preparing for wedding..don't forget your eyes..although it can be covered with concealer ..but it is better for you have fresh eyes during your big day.. =) smiling eyes are sparkling... but to get that .. please give more attention to your eyes...

Anybody who want to get this..this is the introduction price..
RM 2.00/ piece
 RM 18.00 / 10 pieces
+ RM 5.00 for postage fees
(for outside Malaysia please PM / email for details)

WhasApp / SMS : 012-6242855
Email :

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