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Tabita Skincare : Tips Penggunaan yang Betul - How to get crystal clear skin....

Assalamualaikum.. hi lovelies.. tonight I just want to share how to use Tabita Skincare .. Well I think this is a boring post for some of you.. hahaha but hey .. don't laugh when some people email at me.. toner first? no need to wash face ka? which cream to sapu first? why have yellow and white cream? do I have to use cotton for toner? hahahah .. I mean not all of you are really into this matter kan.. No problem.. I will help.. as long as u need my help.. cheewah.. hehehe

1. If you wear make up please remove all the powder, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick..bla bla with make-up remover.. swipe it gently.. for me.. I use this make up remover and cleansing oil...

Hada Labo Make-Up remover
Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

We need to take all of the make-ups for effective cleansing..Japanese and Korean call this as double-cleansing.. remove all the unwanted and prepare for washing..

2. Pump out small amount of Tabita Skincare - Facial Wash on your palm. Not too much .. small amount like 10 cents coin.. Wet you face with water..and put some water on your palm that contains the facial wash.. lather it until it gets foamy.. spreadon your face..and do some gentle massage... jangan kuat2..nnt muke cepat kedut... =) focus more on your chin..forehead..nose.. and some gentle massage around your eyes.. remember jgn gosok muka mcm gosok pinggan.. main belasah je.. gosok memutar.. (round).. gently..

Then, rinse with water... make sure all the residue is wash away with water,, jgn tinggalkan rase sabun pd muka.. 

3. Do not let your face too dry.. just amik towel and lap skit2...but let it moist with some amount of water ..

4. Prepare a cotton (tak kisahlah cotton balls or yg square tu) .. pump 1-2 drops Tabita Skincare - Smooth Lotion.. maximum 3 drops.. not too much.. spread all over face and avoid eyes & lips area.. do not rub! do not spread it in a harsh way.. gently.. =)

5. Then, open you Tabita Skincare- Day Cream jar.. use your index finger (jari tengah).. take some of the cream only on the surface.. you will get on ur finger only stain of it.. (in Malay..calit je cream tu hahahaha..nk jugak tulih omputeh..ngada aaahhh!!)..then apply on ur face..start with forehead..nose..cheeks..chin.. kalau tak cukup.. baru calit lagi.,.

6. For Tabita Skincare - Night Cream .. repeat step 1-4. Open your cream jar.. take a stain of the cream.. and spread all over face.. avoid eye areas..kalau tak ckup..take another stain..

*7. If you have acne, use Tabita Skincare - Acne Cream and put it only on the spot.. jgn sapu satu muka..acne cream only for acne..

*8. After 2-3 months using this set perawatan you can add in Serum Gold Vitamin E, Special Cream and Eye Cream for extra care.. 

*9 - Use Serum Gold Vitamin E only when you are at home.. After washing & toning (step 1-4).. put some serum on your palm..and spread all over face.. let it absorb for 2 hours.. after that wash with water only.. and apply night cream.. Use this 2-3 times / week

*10. Tabita Skincare - Special Cream is formulated for woman above 35 years old.. use this cream alternately with Night Cream.. (repeat step 1-4 before apply this cream)

*11. Tabita Skincare - Eye Cream.. apply this before you apply day / night cream.. and if you apply serum.. after washing off the serum..apply eye cream before night cream / special cream

*12. Matte Foundation + Loose Powder are meant to be together..ahaha you can use this on special occasion.. abandon day cream uf you wish to use Matt Foundation.. Loose Powder also well- blend with day crea, with daily use..

I hope this method will help all of Lovelies out there to achieve a very healthy and flawless skin.. Penggunaan yg betul will give you crystal clear skin.. =)

All the best & Good Luck

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