Monday, January 7, 2013

Beauty Product Announcement : Crystal Collagen Eye Mask, Felinna & Tabita

Assalamualaikum ladies... and hello.. we meet again.. I am facing some problem on posting the products to my lovely customer.. To prevent any circumstances on my side & at your side in future.. I decide to schedule the day of my posting...=)

FELINNA Beauty Inch Loss Lotion & Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
Posting Day : 
Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 
(except on the 1st week of Saturday)
 * this will be the same for FELINNA Vitamin C but I am still working on with the stock.. pray for me lovelies.. =)

TABITA Skincare Set
Posting Day : Monday until Friday
Read for more of the type of set & price at this LINK

My personal opinion.. it is better to pay before 1:00 pm since it will be faster for me to process the products... 

Thank you Ladies..and for Gentlemen.. you are welcome to be one of my customer.. No doubt guys nowadays want to look good too  =). 
Thank for reading.. love love love lots of love.. =)

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