Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top Beauty Product : Tabita Skincare

Assalamualaikum and hi ladies.. =)..  just want share other testimonials on Tabita Skincare..many have success to achieve bright & flawless skin.. Saya tak nak la syok sendiri kan... better saya share wanita-wanita yg semakin hari semakin cantik bersama Tabita Skincare..

Isn't that amazing? Ade yang dah dare enough tak pakai make up since they have better skin =) loveliness....

Officially.. saya telah menjadi agen kepada Tabita Beauty's Corner.. =) yeay!! Baru lagi..I jd agen aje..I bkn share partner Watie.. kira Watie ni Boss I la.. hehehe =) ..and I decide to help woman out there to achieve their dream skin.. Frankly.. I really understand the situation where they have low self esteem..because I have been in that shoes.. 

So..this is what I can offer... =)

Tabita Skincare Regular Set : Normal Price -  RM380
My Price : RM350 (2-3 months application)

Tabita Skincare Exclusive Set :Normal Price : RM400
My Price :  RM370 (4-5 months application)

Trial set ( plastic casing ) :  RM180 (1-2 moths application)

Trial set (glass casing) : RM220 ( 1-2 months application)

Just want to clear things up..trial set ni adalah repack daripada Exclusive Set..This is due to demand from customer since they just want to have a try before stick to this skincare.. =)

Feel free to read these posts.. =)

If you are interested.. please contact me through email / whatsapp / sms.. In shaa Allah I will try my best to entertain all of you..

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  1. wah nak cube trial set~ u dpt handle postage ke Brunei dear?

    1. boleh dear.. email i di or whatsapp : +60 0126242855