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Tabita Skincare : Smooth Lotion

Hi Lovelies.. Assalamualaikum.. today we are going to talk about Smooth Lotion from Tabita Skincare..  <3 <3 <3 ...

So this is basically the look.. to compare with the fake one you can read on this post 

Basically the toner plays a vital role to get a crystal clear skin.. camane blh dpt crystal clear skin tu..haaa... just look at the below picture..

look at those dead cells from my skin..+ dirt+ extra sebum+ anything that caused my skin to be dull .. 

This smooth lotion effectively remove all of this impurities leaving skin smooth & it brightens our face.. tapi takla putih mcm mayat.. pinkish white gitu...hehehe.. if anybody ever wear Clinique Clarifying Lotion .. you will get these kind of colour on your white cotton.. so Tabita Smooth Lotion also serve the same purpose but with extra benefits...brigtening + firming =)

If you have dry skin or tendency to get dry..please used this smooth lotion 1-2 drops on the cotton and gently spread on the not rub on to your skin.. this may hurt your skin..

Now let us have some knowldege sharing for less than 5 minutes.. I have summarized for you some information that most of us always get confused.. face mist toner? skin freshener? smooth lotion toner? astringent????
arghhhh...mane satu nak pakai neh! hahaha

What are the differences between smooth lotion (toner), astringent and skin freshener (usually in spray form)?

 Skin freshner contains no alcohol (usually in range of  0-10%) and contains glycerin as humectants. This glycerin helps to keep moisture on epidermis layer to prevent from evaporation of moisture. 
- The gentlest toner
- for dry, dehydrated skin

 Skin tonics / smooth lotion / skin toner are the same category.. It contains small quantity of alcohol (up to 20%)  and contans water + glycerin.. For Tabita smooth lotion it may contains papaya extract..vitamin C and E for extra value added..
- Moderate strength
- Normal, combination and oily skin
- For dry skin, use once daily in the evening / night , 1-2 drops while your face is still moist after washing (most of the toner in the market are in this category)

Astringent are the strongest form of toner.. Alcohol content is up to 20-60%.. It also might contains antiseptic, water and glycerin.  Witch hazel is one of the example that has the astringent properties. The best application is to apply on targeted areas such as pimples, spots, zits and large pores area.
- Strongest type of toner
- Recommended for oily & extra oily skin as it may overdry your skin 

  What Tabita Smooth Lotion will benefit to your skin???

6 Reasons Why Tabita Smooth Lotion is a Must Have Item!

 - It helps to shrink pores

- It gives pH balance to our skin

- It adds layer of protection due to pore tightening, thus reducing penetration of impurities

- It moisturizes due to humectants that bind the moisture to the skin

- It refreshes & revitalizes skin 

- It can prevent ingrown hairs due to AHA content

Thank you for reading.. =) 

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