Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Beauty Supplement : Testimonial on FELINNA Vitamin C with Pure Marine Collagen

Assalamualaikum... lovelies....It's been late in Malaysia ..around 12:25am..but I am still awake.. after a long hectic day..I still want to write something in my blog.. Well not a long one.. short..simple but precise...I've tried one box of FELINNA Vitamin C with Pure Marine Collagen.. Frankly ..As I mentioned in previous post.. I am loyal user of Shaklee supplement.. and yes until now... on next post I will elaborate more on that.. 
Well..for the sake of testimonial.. I stop for 1 week of Shaklee supplement.. The Beauty Set.. (consist of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, GLA, Carotomax) ... I start consumed on 1st December 2012 and observe the effect on 30 December 2012... Just being realistic... In one week.. how much significant change that can we get right?.. So this is the differences...

This is totally before FELINNA PVCMC.. Kusam kan.. not that bright..uneven skintone.. The vitamin does help but I lack of clarity & firmness.. and my skin looks dull.. =(

This is after 1 week of taking FELINNA PVCMC.. You can see how moist it is.. nampak plumpy  skit..toink toink toink..hehehe

Ok..ignore my face.. totally having a black Monday..hehehe.. this is after 3rd week..my skin is getting better and better.. =)
And the last one after 4th week...no foundation.. just wearing a Ronasutra Mineral Powder...)

I can say ALHAMDULILLAH ..it works on me..maybe due to its formulation that contain Vitamin C, Pure Marine Collagen & Gluthathione.. 

Pros : Brighter, smoother skin
           Increase firmness 

Cons : Must discipline taking after meals before sleep & drink lots of water..actually I don't think it is a cons.. hahahaha

No powder...No foundation..Only eyeliner and lipbalm... Okla..not that bad kan..hahaha

Well even you have bright face... you will look like zebra if you do not take care of your skin on other areas.. It is better to take supplement in order to get even skintone for whole of your body ... =)

Thank you for reading...  

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  1. Wow I saw difference on picture and you are right. Skin is very sensitive and vitamin help to be healthy for skin. Beauty Supplements